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Pet Grooming

At Honey Pets we truly are a step above the rest when it come to pampering your dog or cat. Regular grooming not only keeps your pet looking and smelling fresh, but can also prevent problems, such as excessive shedding and painful mats. It can also help us to identify other problems that may otherwise go unnoticed.

At Honey pets safety comes first, we are staffed with 10 trained in Pet First Aids and CPR groomers they always look forward to educate themselves further.

Walk-ins are welcome, however we recommend early reservations for your convenience.

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Mobile Pet Grooming

Honey Pets is all about making things convenient for both our clients and their pets. That is why we offer mobile pet grooming. Mobile grooming offers many benefits, like saving time and making the experience less stressing on your pet.

Honey pets operates 4 fully equipped mobile grooming salons, we park at your curbside and all the grooming is performed inside our vans. No kennels, no stress, no sedation to handle your beloved dog or cat.

Once you try mobile grooming you will want to have us stop by all the time!

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