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Find Your Puppy Book Now
Find Your Puppy Book Now
Find Your Puppy Book Now
Find Your Puppy Book Now

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Honey Pets: the place where joy is always running around. Since we know, life without a pet is simply duller. At our store you will be able to find that perfect dog for you, the one who was made to go through life with you. Our puppies are well-loved and well taken care of, they are important to us just as they’ll be for you!

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Training your Puppy

Training can begin the second your puppy arrives at its new home. Puppy brains are like a sponge ready to soak up everything you…

The First Five Months Define The Most Important Period Of a Dogs Life!

Once born, the first three to five months define the most important period of a dogs life. In this brief time, a puppy’s experiences mold his…

Take home the perfect puppy

At Honey Pets we will walk you through the adoption process so you can take home the perfect puppy. Take a look at our breed dictionary…