4 Ways Puppies Can Improve Your Health

Puppies definitely make you feel good when around, they have the capability to tremendously improve your mood and health.  Allen R. McConnell,  a pet researcher and a professor of psychology at Miami University in Florida, has found that puppy owners are way more happy than non-puppy owners, due to a high-quality relationship with their puppies. This relationship, however, tends to vary from one individual to another, since the personality of the individual plays a significant role in such relationship. Active people, for example, would prefer playing ball with their puppies in a park. On the other hand, people who don’t enjoy going out would get connected with their puppies by merely petting them.

Said that, let’s talk about the 4 must surprising benefits of having a puppy:

  1. A Healthier Heart

A puppy can reduce your chances of getting heart diseases, this is because puppy owners tend to go on long walks which improve their overall health. It has been proven that puppy owners with  heart problems tend to live longer than people with similar problems who don’t own puppies.

  1. Stress Soothers

Puppies also function as stress soothers.  Just petting your puppy feels good, doesn’t it? Loving and having a puppy as a company in your life can drastically reduce stress hormones from your body making you and your family members feel better.

  1. Social Magnets

Puppies have a special way of connecting you with other people. Most people will be open to talking to you about your puppy in a park or just in the middle of the street, puppies are so cute that people find irresistible to comment about them, don’t be surprised if people try to approach you to get probation to pet your puppy.  Puppies make an otherwise impossible interaction totally possible.

  1. Better Mood, More Meaning

Research has further shown that puppy owners are on the average happier than non-puppy owners. Pet owners also tend to trust people more and rarely experience loneliness. Puppies give their owners a sense of belonging, meaning and in fact a better and more effective control of life.