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Special care tips for English Bulldog puppies in Florida

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English Bulldog puppies in Florida… What you need to know!

English Bulldog puppies need special care In hot-weather, and as we all know Florida is by its nature a summer state!

Some breeds of dogs can handle better than others the Florida’s unique climate, in general, short haired dogs are better adapted for the hot weather because the heat does not stay in their bodies; still, there are some dogs with long hair which can tolerate the heat of Florida and also love it.

A puppy is a big responsibility and they also need special care: food, grooming, preening and getting a space where to play and explore are the elemental things that a dog needs. Follow this tips to take care of your English Bulldog Puppy:

English bulldog puppies essential care in Florida:

The Food

The main fact for the early development of an English bulldog puppy is the food. These puppies have a blunt snout and that’s why they can’t eat regular dog food: Use quality and Diet Foods and feed the puppy from 3 to 4 times a day; always respecting the portions indicated on the product packaging.

An English Bulldog puppy with three months eats seven ounces of food and after these point the quantity rise by point seven ounce (0.7oz) per week until reached fourteen ounces; after this the dog will reject more food per day, the distribution of the food per day is also established by their age. At three months of birth the English bulldog puppy will eat in morning, midday, afternoon and night; since three month and six, the puppy will eat at morning, afternoon and night. When the English bulldog puppy reaches the sixth month will eat two times per day.

English Bulldog Puppies for sale in Florida

Regular Excersice

Playing outside it’s a key for English bulldog puppies in Florida, if the weather is hot and clear sky as usual the most recommendable thing to do is to take your English Bulldog puppy to outside playground every day since his/her early stage.

The best playground for English Bulldog puppies in Florida on hot clear days is grass; the grass is friendly with the physical and muscular development which is essential for the English bulldog puppy.

Grooming needs

  • Bath time
    We recommend to start bathing your English Bulldog puppy after the 4th month of birth, meanwhile maintain your English Bulldog puppy clean with towels and especial products.
  • Nails, ears and eyes
    Cutting English Bulldog puppy nails is a care that demand more caution, therefore we recommend to rely on a professional groomer some treatments like cleaning the eyes and ears, cut the nails and maintain the skin wrinkles of your English Bulldog Puppy.

Visit or call Honey Pets to find healthy and beautiful English Bulldog puppies for sale in Florida, adoption assistance and also professional pet grooming services to take care of your English bulldog puppy with the best pet spa services that you and your furry friend will love!

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