Pet Spa & Grooming

Find Your Puppy Book Now
Find Your Puppy Book Now
Find Your Puppy Book Now
Find Your Puppy Book Now

Grooming Services

Pet Spa and Mobile Grooming

With over 10 years of experience, Honey Pets has provided the best pet grooming service. In our Davie location or through our Mobile Grooming Trucks. We offer a Team of Certified Pet Groomers to style and pamper your pet.


Includes a deep cleansing tear less bath, conditioning treatment, ear cleaning, nail trimming, anal gland expression, brush, blow dry, fragrance and designer bow or bandanna.


Include all the benefits of the basic grooming, in addition, premium grooming includes Full Body Cut of your choice!


Here you have a choice of all grooming services, you can request as much or as little as is needed.


We take care of your beloved puppy or dog as good as you do at home.


Cat behavior and personality are not as straightforward to interpret as are those in dogs, at Honey Pets we are experts in Cat Grooming. Honey Pets strongly recommends mobile cat grooming to avoid cat stress and separation anxiety.