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Dogs: the best and most faithful company

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Dogs: the best and most faithful company


Since millenniums ago the dog has lived with humans; this is why, in symbiosis with his great intelligence and his different qualities, that he did become the best friend of the man for excellence. Today, is the favorite pet at home and there we have a reciprocal feeling towards dogs, which is why there are all kinds of items and specialties to give them always a better care and much love.

In Florida this is not different. As we walk through the streets of Florida we can see how people have dogs as a fundamental part of their life. This is the main reason why we can find specialized places with puppies for sale in Florida. Pet spa’s as HONEY PETS are the places dedicated to the care and grooming of dogs in Florida, bringing to you all the elements needed for your dog’s happiness.

Just as dogs are man’s best friend, there are people who devote their lives to understanding, training, care and welfare their dogs; forming a bond between them and humans even more strong than human love and friendship. But, why dogs are considered man’s best friend for excellence and also the ideal pet for home considering them a family member and an essential part of life? It’s something really easy to appreciate since dogs are pets that at all times show their love, affection and protection on an unconditionally way to the people around them and precisely; to their owners.

Added to this, it’s an empirical and remarkable fact that they are super intelligent and learn quickly tasks at home such as where to sleep, eat or even know what their bathroom is. They learn to stay seated or lying, to say hello and to do simple and complex tasks as home protection through constant training.

Why dogs are the best and most faithful company?

They are loyal to their owners and family and, as empathetic beings; they feel the mood swings and feelings that people have. They provide protection and security to the people. They are playful and maintain a happy and fun atmosphere at home. Dogs and puppies love to run and going outside so, what better way to exercise than doing it with them.

Dogs can feel good with just a small sample of affection and do not complain about things that happen in life; they enjoy everything you give them and always are grateful to the people. Also as an incredible fact dogs recognize the difference between adults, seniors and children, so the treatment of these people is different but of respect and joy.

They have a more developed sense of smell than people, so they can distinguish aromas that people usually do not distinguish until they are too close; even some breeds of dogs are trained to detect drugs and bombs. Their sense of hearing is also more developed and therefore can listen to their masters from afar and be alert to any situation.

Even, they are a great alarm system and remain alert throughout their environment providing security at home and being perfect for babysitting.

As we all know, humans make mistakes and these mistakes sometimes involve our dogs. That said, the dogs are able to forgive all problems and in an instant remain those faithful and loving beings we want; also providing a pure teaching relationship where the human can acquire a constant learning of the pet.

At HONEY PETS in Florida, among the great diversity of dog breeds that can be found, you can detail most common breeds such as Golden and Labrador Retriever, Boxer, English Bulldog, French Bulldog, Rottweiler, Poodle, and other typical and suitable breeds in Florida.

There is no doubt that the dog is an important piece in the life of people as individuals and as a member of a family. These amazing pets give you many hours of joy, union and countless memories; something that brings much sense for anyone’s life.

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