Puppies for sale in Florida

Puppies for sale in Florida

A dog, man’s best friend, a pet that will be loyal until the end of his life; they come in different races, sizes and shapes. It’s a great responsibility, but the reward is the most pure love that a pet can give.

In Honey Pets you can find the puppy that will change your life; puppies already vaccinated and if the owner require they also can be sterilized. There are different types of dogs that will fit your personality, for example: a golden retriever is a calm dog but also obedient and a great play friend for kids.

Puppies adapted for Florida climate

There are various types of dog that are already adapted for the hot of Florida and can be purchase in pet stores like Honey Pets. None less, all the dogs can live in Florida, but if it have dense fur it can have heat issues and need more cares to maintain the heat temperature. You can find some of them in Honey pets, like:

French bulldog: With his short hair can irradiate better the heat from his body, also his medium size ears refresh the blood and maintain the heat at stable temperature. Even, its little size makes him perfect for carry when the ground is too hot.

Labrador retriever: unlike the golden retriever this dog has short hair, which makes it perfect for heat climates with a great size.

Jack Russell terrier: this happy and tireless dog has short hair and medium hears that can handle the heat of Florida, also his medium size is perfect for apartments and baths.

Puppies for sale

Honey Pets offers a variety of puppies for sale in Florida for the desire of the future owner.

In fact, Dachshund puppy or also called weenie dog is on sale. This exotic but also friendly dog is perfect for small size homes; his size makes him suitable for small apartments or for kids because he is not intimidating. Also don’t require large amount of food. It’s easy to manipulate and to take care. The personality of this dog is curious and friendly even with the kids, can also be rapidly friend with other dogs and newly know person.

The Yorkshire terrier is a really “Explosive” dog. This race has the reputation to be unfriendly with strangers, they bark to every stranger, every dog, and when no one is paying attention to him. They like the company of an adult primordial person and like to play a lot. Is also a really rebel dog, is not too obedient and tent to do his will.

Siberian husky puppy is a beautiful dog. Famous for his appearance of wolf, is a loyal friend and a strong dog that need a lot of space and a lot of exercise. Is an obedient dog, and can cope nice with kids and adults. This race was made in family homes, so it integrates as a part of the family and always welcomes new members, even strangers.  It’s know that they are from cold lands, so the hot of Florida is an issue to have in consideration, need pet grooming constantly to maintain the hair the shorter possible and clean in order to maintain the dog fresh.

On the other hand, you must consider that all the puppies need a special care in their first month of life; they need to eat a determinate quantity of food per day and the food also needs to be special for puppies.

If you are a firstling owner it’s recommendable that every two weeks you take the puppy to a pet grooming to maintain the nails cut and a perfect cleanse. You can also take some advice from the professionals to make this cares for yourself but still recommendable take at least every month for a professional care, as a mobile pet grooming.