What to do if your puppy doesn’t want to eat or drink

Taking care of a sick puppy can be heartbreaking – more often than not, the symptoms of the illness are vague or unnoticeable and it’s not like your furry friend can tell you what’s wrong with them. The first sign that something is wrong is usually a refusal to eat or drink.

Once you get to known your puppy, you can quickly establish how much he usually eats in a day or at each meal. If this amount decreases significantly and without warning, this might be a sign that your puppy needs some expert help, so going to the vet should be your first option.

However, a dog might refuse to eat or drink not because of a physical illness but because they’re feeling lonely, depressed or neglected. In this case, it might be worth to visit a pet grooming salon – if you’re located in Florida, Honey Pets grooming is one of the best options. Apart from selling puppies in Florida, we also provide expert grooming services that will make your puppy feel appreciated, loved and cherished again. Pet grooming can also prevent problems such as excessive shedding or painful mats which in turn contribute to physical discomfort and might underlie your puppy’s lack of appetite.

Of course, if you suspect your dog might not be eating because of a physical issue or illness, you should postpone the pet grooming visit until after you’ve met with the vet, but it’s surely an option worth exploring. Pamper your furry friend with a pet grooming visit in Florida to take care of their appearance, wellbeing and health!